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Friday 28th August 2015,
  • Fancy Rickshaw Tote Bag

    Fancy Rickshaw Tote Bag

    During my vacay in San Francisco a few months ago, I stopped in to visit the folks at Rickshaw Bags. So fun. So many fancy

  • Natalie’s Skiing in Europe

    Natalie’s Skiing in Europe

    Our writers are busy testing gear. Natalie’s skiing in Switzerland!

  • Guess Where Our Editor Is?

    Guess Where Our Editor Is?

    Exotic plants, sunshine, funky footwear……You’re right! Berkeley!

  • Erika Ran Away to Cali!

    Erika Ran Away to Cali!

    At the beach with friends David and Buddy!

  • Leslie Climbs in Patagonia

    Leslie Climbs in Patagonia

    Check out Leslie’s review of Patagonia’s All Weather Zip Hoody (available for men and women.)

  • Welcome to FitnessTravelGear

    Welcome to FitnessTravelGear

    Featuring reviews of outdoor, fitness, travel, & street apparel, footwear, bags, and other essential gear!

  • Outdoor Gear

    Outdoor Gear

    Reviews of packs, hiking boots, rain jackets, merino wool base layers, etc.

  • Travel Gear

    Travel Gear

    Reviews of luggage, carry-on essentials, walking shoes, gadgets, and more…

  • Gym Gear

    Gym Gear

    Reviews of wicking tops, sports bras, running shoes, swimwear, and more…

  • Street Gear

    Street Gear

    Reviews of iPad cases, smart phone accessories, laptop bags, urban fashion, and more…

Street Reviews

Ahnu Stockton Leather Shoes

The Ahnu Stockton Leather Shoes box said “leather,” but they looked like canvas. I thought I had received the wrong shoes. However, on closer inspection I could see that the uppers on the shoes were [...]

Travel Reviews

Platypus SoftBottle
Posted On July 4, 2015 | No Comments on Platypus SoftBottle

  The more I travel, the more I try to downsize. I am trying to make “fast and light” my mantra–not just for days in the mountains but for life in general. One of the [...]